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Step 4

STEP 4: License and MLS Transfer Instructions 


Do not follow the below instructions until you have signed your ICA (contract) and told your broker you are leaving. Do these two steps (MLS and License Transfer) as close to each other as possible. 

Please be aware that sometimes your old broker will deactivate you after you leave. So be sure to have all the paperwork filled out and ready to submit before you tell them. In some cases agents have been locked out of their MLS.

Click here to access the eXp Onboarding Presentation. This document is kept up to date with the most recent information as it relates to License and MLS Transfers. When you open this document, please scroll down to the Table of Contents and click on License Transfer Part 1. Here you can begin reading instructions for your transfer. 

California Agents! Here you will find a detailed explanation of how to transfer your license on the DRE website.

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