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Mastery Coaching

Programs that will take your team to their highest earning potential!

Rising Agent Mastery Program

RAMP is designed to provide a balanced overview of the essentials for real estate agents. By the end of the program, they can expect to close two transactions. It’s perfect for agents who are brand new to the business, agents who are returning after some time away, or anyone else who is looking to refresh and refocus their approach to give their business a boost!
BAM is the ultimate interactive training program that turns average buyer agents into real estate superstars. Built on nearly three decades of combined success from our coaches, this comprehensive program includes everything a buyer agent needs to start fast, hit it hard, and finish on top!

Buyer Agent Mastery

Admin Mastery Program

AMP includes all the tools you need to get your admin trained! This program will turn your overworked, disorganized admins into organized, effective superstars! Easy-to-understand videos show your admin how to implement systems, saving you hundreds of hours in training your admin.
SLAM is designed to help your agents generate and close more listings with real solutions and tools to succeed in a crowded market. After SLAM, your agents will have a pre-listing package, listing package, marketing plan, and effective systems to run a high-volume listing-focused business.

Seller Listing Agent Mastery




Why do you charge for this program?

EmpireBuildersPro receives this incredible program at an amazing discounted price from Workman Success Systems as a result of their long term relationship with Workman.  This program is normally over $3000 per year, per person.  The full $149 goes directly to Workman Success Systems to cover the cost of managing the system for our Organization.


How do I sign up?

Go to the following link to sign up for the $149 annual membership fee.  You will receive your login information.


Does it automatically renew annually?

Yes, it renews automatically each year but you will receive an email letting you know in advance, in case you want to cancel your membership.


What do I get for the $149 annual membership fee?

You have unlimited access to all four training programs in the Training Center; BAM, RAMP, SLAM and AMP throughout the year, as well as the exclusive live coaching groups that our Organization holds every quarter.


What if I have a question about my billing?

You can access the Workman Success help desk here:


Can I start at any time or do I have to join at the beginning of the class?

Great news! You can join anytime. Even if you miss one of our live coaching sessions, you can watch a past recording session and you can catch up in the Training Center at any time.


Why are these links not available on the Live Training Calendar on your EmpireBuildersPro Calendar?

Mastery Coaching is a Paid For Program so we want to ensure that those calls are reserved for Organization members who paid for Mastery Coaching access.  The Zoom Links for these calls will be emailed to Mastery Coaching Members weekly.

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