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Co-Branding Opportunity

Co-branding Qualifications
  1. You must be a member of the EmpireBuilders.Pro organization
  2. Your team consists of 100+ agents  in their direct line
EmpireBuilders.Pro is a custom website designed in collaboration with B.Collaborative. We have realized the profound impact this site has had on many of our agents, teams and organizations. It is our true hope that this valuable resource makes it more efficient when onboarding new agents. Therefore, we are opening up a co-branding opportunity for those who qualify. At this time, we are still working through all of the details and will be sharing those in early 2022. For now, here is what we can share with you!

Co-branding means all pages of this site are a duplicate that will be housed under a custom URL. That URL will be the name of your team with
Your existing logo and up to three colors will be added to the site as well as all social media channels. Please note, should you not have a brand, you can opt to have one designed for you at an additional cost. 

Please note the ONLY customization permitted is on the 3 Way Call Scheduling Page under Third Party Validation Training and the  Live Training Schedule Page which includes additional resources section. All modifications done by EmpireBuilders.Pro will be automatically updated on your site and billed at the hourly rate of $97. These automatic updates must be agreed upon in the contract that will be sent to you following your approval. This is to ensure our information is accurate and up to date at all times while also complying with eXp standards. 

Your co-branded website will have a mobile responsive design, basic search engine optimization and one hour of updates included following the publication of the site. 

Should you wish to create a website for your personal realty business, please contact B.Collaborative directly here.

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