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Step 9

STEP 9: How to Sign Up for Your Regus ID
  • Once you are officially an agent with eXp Realty please fill out the Regus Form HERE.
  • Check your email for further instructions. You will receive your Regus Membership number via email along with more detailed instructions.

You can also download the Regus App. See more here >
Here's how it works:
You have the Regus Basic Service. The business lounges (common areas) and WIFI are paid for by eXp Realty and included with your eXp Realty “Enterprise Solutions” membership.
While agents are responsible for charges related to private office space, co-working areas, meeting rooms and additional services such as coffee, copies, etc...these must still be allocated to your eXp Realty “Enterprise Solutions” membership to receive eXp's contractual discount on booking fees which is 16%. 
(Subject to change without prior notice.)
For questions, please reach out to for more information.
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