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Our next ACTivate Class will be March 13 & 14

Welcome to ACTivate, a game-changing productivity program in just 2 power-packed days and 30 days of immersive engagement. This accelerated experience  will supercharge your real estate career.


ACTivate will guide you through the essential components giving you the edge you need to thrive in today's competitive market.

2024 Business Plan
Wonderful Work Week Roadmap
New Personalized Listing & Buyer Presentation
Opportunity Tracker Leads & Transactions
Scripts For Today's Market
A Community Committed to Productivity & More!

ACTivate will equip you to optimize your time and maximize your productivity like never before.

Next Class Date: March 13 & 14

Full 30 days of Follow Up Required
(Huddles and Daily Success Habits)


Course Cost: $149

* Early Bird Special until midnight on March 6th - Use Promo Code EARLYBIRD

The format was easy to follow, the instructor left enough time for questions which was very nice. It was very interactive with the group and the information covered in the short amount of time was excellent and covered the main points to help an agent get into production immediately if they follow the program and do the work. Selina is not only very knowledgeable on all of the topics she had real examples from scenarios that actually have taken place. She made it fun, entertaining and easy to follow. Thank you and I am honored to have been part of the maiden voyage of ACTIVATE!!
The class was fabulous. Selina was FABULOUS!!!  She answered all questions, gave time for feedback, and provided a recap of the prior session. She is engaging, warm, and makes you feel at ease. Grateful for the follow up YouTube videos. The importance of consistent time blocking was really impactful for me. Thank you for all the information, it was amazing! Highly recommend this course!
I appreciated Selina's systems and excel spreadsheets that will help me get going even though I have kv core and just getting that learning going, i just feel like it will give me something to easily see my calls and keep up on for new leads, prospects and also hoping to build agent attraction. I needed accountability.
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